Auditions - Sweeney Todd!

Announcing Auditions for our next show

Sweeney Todd, the demon Barber of Fleet Street
by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler

Directed by Ben Delatizky 
Music direction by Judy Hayward
Choreography by Jason Hair-Wynn

We'll be holding auditions Sunday January 13 and Monday January 14Call backs will be held on January 16.  We are seeking a diverse cast of approximately 25 inclusive of principles and ensemble. 

Production dates: May 3-18, 2019.  

Auditions will be by appointment onlyClick here to sign up for an audition slot

If you wish, you can click here to go to our new online audition form, and optionally upload your resume and head shot. 

You can still fill out an audition form the night of auditions.  Click here to print an audition form. 

Auditions will consist of the following
1. Please prepare 16 – 32 bars of a song in the style of the show but not from the show itself. While technical facility is highly desirable it will not be the only criteria that will have a bearing. Being able to tell a story, bringing character, interpretation and engagement to your piece will have significant weight. Bring your sheet music with you.
2. Brief readings from the script.


An infamous tale, Sweeney Todd, an unjustly exiled barber, returns to nineteenth century London, seeking vengeance against the lecherous judge Turpin who framed him and ravaged his young wife, Lucy. The road to revenge leads Todd to Mrs. Lovett, a resourceful proprietress of a failing pie shop, above which, he opens a new barber practice. Mrs. Lovett's luck sharply shifts when Todd's thirst for blood inspires the integration of an ingredient into her meat pies that has the people of London lining up... and the carnage has only just begun!

Character Descriptions
Age ranges described are approximate.  It is more important that you can play the age than necessarily be the age.  For Sweeny, Lovett and Beggar Woman/ Lucy ages are not only approximate but very broad, ranging from 40 – 60.  Our intention is to cast a Sweeney, Lovett and Beggar Woman/ Lucy that look like they are contemporaries of each other.

Sweeny Todd/ Benjamin Barker   40 to 55, Vocal range Gb4 - F2.
A wrongfully imprisoned barber seeking to right the wrongs committed against him. He is Johanna's father, singularly focussed on taking bloody revenge on JudgeTurpin. 

Mrs. Lovett   35 to 50, Vocal range E5 - G3
An entrepreneurial and amoral meat pie shop owner. She falls in love with Todd and turns his desire for revenge into a profitable business venture.  She has an edge of insanity to her and a streak of larceny. She is all bright eyes in her plotting.

Anthony Hope   20 to 30, Vocal range F4 - Bb2
A naive and youthful sailor returning to London. He helps Todd return to London. A little rough around the edges he stumbles into Sweeney’s dark world by chance, his life is changed forever when he falls in love with Johanna.

Johanna   18 to 21, Vocal range  A5 - Bb3
Todd's long-lost daughter and Turpin's ward. Full of innocence, constantly yearning for freedom. She is held captive by her guardian, Judge Turpin. When she falls for Anthony, she grows brave enough to plot her escape.

Tobias Ragg   16 to 20, Vocal range  Ab4 - Bb2
A poor youngster apprenticed to Pirelli, finds a surrogate family in Todd and Lovett. Tobias is an orphan who has been mistreated by everyone who has taken care of him, been physically abused and is intellectually stunted to some degree. Has a big heart and an incredible capacity for loyalty.   We will consider casting either a male or female for this role.

Judge Turpin   50 to 65, Vocal range Gb4 - E2
A lecherous public official who portrays himself as a sanctimonious authoritarian. He takes advantage of his position in the city and is responsible for imprisoning Todd.  A sinister and powerful presence. The Judge revels in his power and demands people’s respect. He is tormented by his lust for Johanna and goes to great lengths to keep her captive.

Beadle Bamford   40 to 55, Vocal range D5 - D3
A thug who has been elevated to a position of power. The Beadle does Judge Turpin’s dirty work.  He cloaks himself in the trappings of the upper class and loves the respect that comes with his position.

Beggar Woman / Lucy   35 to 50, Vocal range F5 -  Ab3
A deranged and schizophrenic woman who harbors a dark, surprising secret. It's hard to see through her filthy rags to determine her age.  She's lewd, vulgar, and in constant physical and psychological pain.

Adolfo Pirelli / Daniel O'Higgins   30 to 45, Vocal range C5 - B2
A charlatan with a secret past. A character man with a facility for accents. An entrepreneur and an imposter. As Pirelli he is a flamboyant Italian rival barber. He changes identities whenever one ceases to be useful or becomes dangerous. This actor will also play Ensemble roles.

Jonas Fogg   35 to 60, no singing in this role but actor will also play Ensemble roles.
The owner of Fogg's Asylum.  Fogg is the overseer at the local asylum. He sells the hair of madmen/women to wigmakers. Puts on a good face for visitors, but treats his patients with cruelty behind closed doors.

Ensemble   Various ages and vocal ranges.
Townspeople, Policemen, Lunatics, etc.  Ensemble members must be inventive actors who are able to create clear characters.  They not only play various characters but also can be likened to a Greek chorus.  Their story telling not only comments on what happens but advances the story.  The ensemble is critical to making this show successful.

Please direct any questions regarding auditions to producer, Hugh Thompson.