Special Tracks

Special tracks are held in parallel with the general conference and are an integral part of the conference. They provide researchers in focused areas the opportunity to meet and present their work, and offer a forum for interaction among the broader community of artificial intelligence researchers. Special track papers are required to meet the same standards as papers in the general conference and are published in the same conference proceedings.
The following special tracks are offered during FLAIRS 2015:

Uncertain Reasoning, Matthias Thimm and Robert Mercer

Semantic, Logics, Information Extraction and AI, Ismail Biskri, Anca Pascu, Christophe Jouis, and Fatiha Sadat

Applied Natural Language Processing, Fazel Keshtkar and Vasile Rus

Intelligent Learning Technologies, Jeremiah Sullins, James Segedy, Keith Brawner, and Rod Roscoe

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business, Rachel Green

Artificial Intelligence in Games and Multimedia, D. Michael Franklin, Jeff Chastine, and Jon Preston
AI and Cyber Security  Soon Ae Chun, Ricardo A. Calix,   David Bisant
AI in Healthcare Informatics, Doug Talbert and Steven Talbert

Artificial Intelligence for Big Social Data Analysis, Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain, Newton Howard

Data Mining, David Bisant and Bill Eberle

Case-Based Reasoning, Joseph Kendallmorwick, Vahid Jalali and Amélie Cordier

Autonomous Robots and Agents, Roman Bartak and David Obdrzalek

Recommender Systems, Fabiana Lorenzi and Carlos Seminario

AI Education, Rebecca Caldwell, Susan Imberman, Elva Jones, and Sarah Zelikovitz