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Author Registration Requirement for Including Accepted Papers in the Program.
Each accepted paper or poster must have at least one author registered with a full regular registration by February 16, 2015
, in order for the paper or poster to be included in the conference. If the only author registering for the conference is a student, the registration must be a full regular registration. Additional authors can register as regular or student (with a proof of student status).   If you have not registered, please do so before or by February 16, 2015.  [Online Registration]

The final deadline for submissions is February 23, 2015 at 5:00 PM (17:00) Pacific Standard Time (UTC/GMT  - 8:00 hours). The server is located in San Francisco, California. It will close promptly at 17:00 (5 PM) and will ignore submissions after that time. No extensions will be allowed, and it may take 30 or more minutes to submit, so please plan on submitting on time. (Submissions sent via e-mail cannot be accepted.)  If you've never done this before, we suggest you submit a few days earlier. That way, if something goes wrong, we might be able to help. It's unlikely we'll be able to answer your e-mail if you wait until the day of the deadline.


You will be submitting your final camera ready copy to the AAAI Press server. Everyone must submit. Do not use EasyChair.

The web page containing the submission URL and instructions is



Please download the AAAI Press AuthorKit and reformat your paper using the templates included in that kit. They differ from previous years. The AuthorKit is available from


If you follow the formatting instructions, apply the custom Word styles in the Author Kit, or use aaai.sty and the LaTeX preamble found in the formatting instructions, (and don't try to squeeze an over-length paper to meet the page limit), it's unlikely that you'll have any problems publishing your paper.


Your submission package consists of the following three separate items:

1. Your final PDF, which must be US letter-size, and conform to the formatting instructions found in the AAAI Press Author Kit (The PDF is submitted first)

2. Your Supplementary File, which will be a zip (or other compression) archive containing either
(a) your Word doc file OR
(b) a single .tex file along with your .bbl file, .bib file, all .sty files used in your preamble, and your figures. Your .tex file cannot contain the \input command. Embed such files in the single .tex file. Your PDF must be submitted separately, although another copy of it may also be included in the supplementary file. Your LaTeX source must successfully compile on a separate computer on a separate network. Please check that it does.

3. Your signed copyright form, which you must mail in hardcopy to AAAI. To meet the deadline, you may mail a scanned version to pubforms15@aaai.org, but you must also post the original to us.

Do not include unnecessary files within your Supplementary File archive. Details on the submission process are found at http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Author/flairs-submit.php


The final deadline for registration on the AAAI Press server is February 23, 2015. There is no reason not to register on the server early (you don't need to submit anything yet), so why not do it now!

If you've never submitted a final paper to AAAI Press before, go to


and create an account as an Author. In the Affiliation box, just include your company or University name -- nothing more. Please use the western naming convention, and follow capitalization rules.

You must include the Country from the drop down box. Be sure to add a checkmark next to the Author: Able to submit items to the conference. (If you don't, you won't be able to submit!)

If you *have* submitted a final paper to any AAAI Press before, go to

Be sure to add a checkmark next to the Author: Able to submit items to the conference. (If you don't, you won't be able to submit!)

If you've submitted to an AAAI publication before, your details will already be in the database. All you need to do is add FLAIRS 2015 to your account. Be sure to check the Author box (beneath the Reader box, already checked); otherwise you won't be able to submit.

Again, please read the formatting instructions and submit your paper early! The web page at the submission site contains important information about submitting. Please read it carefully.

Thank you for reading this message and taking care in the submission of your paper.

Yours sincerely,

AAAI Press