2024-2025 Registration Dates

Boise High Counselors will visit feeder schools to assist students with registration on the following dates:

Hillside Jr. High - Jan. 26th

North Jr. High - Jan 29th

Course selections are due by February 21st

We will register Boise High students on the following dates:

Current Juniors - Feb. 2nd (Counselors will visit US History classes)

Current Sophomores - Feb. 7th (Counselors will visit English 10 classes)

If you do not have a US History class (Jrs) or English 10 class (sophs) you will receive an invite to attend a session. 

If you are new to the Boise School District you will need the following materials:

Birth Certificate

Immunization Records

Proof of address (utility bill)


To make an appointment with a counselor, please call Amber Rivera at (208)854-4283

If you  have any questions regarding the registration process or selecting classes for next year, please email the counselor assigned to you by last name:

Dayna.Showalter@boiseschools.org (A-E)

Sarah.campbell@boiseschools.org (Fi-Le)

Marcy.Thompson@boiseschools.org (Li-R)