IN01: 2009: UNCAGE ME

Edited by Jen Jordan.
UNCAGE ME  was released by Bleak House Books. The anthology contains twenty-two stories and is a follow up to the 2007 anthology, EXPLETIVE DELETED.

Irish author John Connolly provides a very insightful Introduction. He points out that boundaries and limitations are meant to be challenged and in this anthology twenty-two authors give us their boundary-smashing best. Connolly writes, “It has been argued that one of the roles of art is to break taboos, which brings with it the assumption that such taboo breaking is always good . . . Yet not all restrictions are necessarily bad in themselves, just as not every act of transgression is worthy of note simply by the fact of its existence.”

Introduction / John Connolly

Love me.
Ten gallons of infected saliva / Scott Phillips
No thanks, please / Declan Burke
Games / Bryon Quertermous
The biography of Stoop, the Thief / Steven Torres
Roy / Brian Azzarello

Lie to me (Or yourself)
Back and forth / Gregg Hurwitz
Prisoner of love / Tim Maleeny
Paper thin hotel / Nick Stone
Threat management / Marytn Waites
Players / J.D. Rhoads

Get back at me
Robert Hayer's dead / Simon Kernick
Welcome to Walmart, Motherfucker / Patrick Shawn Bagley
Fire girl / Victor Gischler
Hotshot 52 / Greg Bardsley
School daze / J.A. Konrath
Like that Japanese chick what broke up Van Halen / Stephen Blackmore

Fetishize me
The ballad of Manky Milne / Stuart MacBride
The turnip farm / Allan Guthrie
The foot job / Christa Faust

Destroy me
*69 / Blake Crouch
Dinner for Toby / Simon Wood
Cow palace / Talia Berliner
We mate in the dark / Maxim Jakubowski
Spin the bottle / Pearce Hansen

© 2009 Jen Jordan (compilation)
© 2009 John Connolly (introduction)
© 2009 All stories by their respective authors

Bleak House Books (US & Canada)
EVIDENCE COLLECTION - 300 pages - 11/01/2009 - ISBN: 9781606480175

Bleak House Books (US & Canada)
HB - 319 pages - 24/07/2009 - ISBN: 9781606480151

Bleak House Books (US & Canada)
PB - 319 pages - 24/07/2009 - ISBN: 9781606480168

  1. US First Edition Trade HB (unsigned)
  2. US First Edition Trade PB (unsigned)