In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of a plane is discovered. There are no bodies, and no such plane has ever been reported missing, but men both good and evil have been seeking it for a long, long time.

What the wreckage conceals is more important than money. It is power: a list of names, a record of those who have struck a deal with the Devil. Now a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain secret, and those for whom it represents a crucial weapon in the struggle against the forces of darkness.

The race to secure the prize draws in private detective Charlie Parker, a man who knows more than most about the nature of the terrible evil that seeks to impose itself on the world, and who fears that his own name may be on the list. It lures others too: a beautiful, scarred woman with a taste for killing; a silent child who remembers his own death; and the serial killer known as the Collector, who sees in the list new lambs for his slaughter. But as the rival forces descend upon this northern state, the woods prepare to meet them, for the forest depths hide other secrets.

Someone has survived the crash.

SOMETHING has survived the crash.

And it is waiting...


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Hodder & Stoughton (UK, Ireland, Australia, etc.)

HB - 480 pages - 30/08/2012 - ISBN: 9781444756449

Atria Books (US & Canada)

HB - 480 pages - 01/01/2013 - ISBN: 9781476703022


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