None of what you see here would have been possible without the invaluable help of John Connolly himself - through his website, the newsletters, our all-too-brief conversations at book signings and author events, and occasional e-mails. He has always been approachable, even when time is short (as it so often is).


I remember, back in the day, when one of his book signings would consist of the following:

He would turn up alone to said bookshop with a shoulder bag and a pen [never quite worked out what was in the shoulder bag, John]. The shop would have provided a small table and a pile of his books, either in the shop's doorway (they didn't want him cluttering up valuable retail space back then) or in the very dark recesses at the back of the shop (where you were lucky if both you and John found said table at the same time and met). I would sometimes be the only one there (occasionally, with my very patient wife), waiting with new (first printing) book(s) in hand, awaiting that signature and the thrill of meeting someone a lot further down the published-novelist road than I was.


John, of course, is now a considerable distance down that road (over the horizon and out of sight, in fact), and the signings are a lot busier, but he still makes time to see everyone who wants to be seen. I am grateful to still be included amongst them!

Much respect to you, Mr. C.


Please also see WHY I AM THE COLLECTOR.


John is not the only one to provide essential help to me and this website. I am also immensely grateful to the following people/organisations for their considerable time and effort in expanding my knowledge and feeding the obsession collection:


83 Botanic Avenue

Belfast, BT7 1JL, UK

Tel: +44 (0)2890 319601


58 Warren Street

New York, NY 10007, USA

Tel: +1 212 587 1011


It is these people/organisations I turn to if I need to source a Limited, Special or 1st Edition because I know that I will get 110% satisfaction. And at a reasonable rate!

Thanks are also due to Ellen Clair Lamb, Kerry Hood and Emily Bestler.


There are other valuable research resources too numerous to mention here, but the best of them are:


Fred continues to be extremely helpful in gaining invaluable information for this website. Thank you, Fred. Please continue your fantastic work.