Behind the Logo

You may have noticed that when you quickly glance at the logo, you are looking at a blender from the top down perspective without the lid or top on. A blender is a tool that can quickly and efficiently integrate items together so that they are one together. When one mixes several items together, they get one smooth, consistent final product, no matter what ingredients they added. This action is no different than what I want educators to be able to do with any new or existing technology they have at their disposal, taking them and integrating them together so they are a natural part of the flow of teaching and learning. For example, a teacher may have an interactive white board, a Macbook for themselves, and each student has a Chromebook in his or her class. Plus, the teacher uses Google Workspace for their office suite and collaboration with the students, Microsoft Outlook for the school email, and they are introducing project based learning with a focus on literacy for the year. There are so many different technologies at play. The teacher would want manage and integrate all of these together so that the technology can enhance and enrich naturally, while also not being the leading or guiding tool for the learning. That is what Blended Tech Learning does!

You may also have noticed that the blue area is an octagon. We tend to associate octagons with a stop sign, a time to take a brief moment to put on the brakes, observe, breath, and continue moving forward. The stop sign in our logo is meant to do that for teachers too! We want them to take a moment to catch their breath, look and observe the big picture around them in order to help them make decisions on where to go next with their learning and leading their students.

Lastly, in the center, you will find the blades of the blender that mix everything together. However, the blades are also a part of a compass of the logo. A compass is used to give us a sense of direction. I want to guide teachers and lead them in the directions that will most help them.