2022-23 School-Year

My name is Nic Finelli. I am a freelance digital teaching specialist with over 20 years of experience as an educator and classroom instructor. This March I celebrated 10 years of serving thousands of school districts, schools, and educators all over the world🌍!

Just this year alone, I have conducted 900+ virtual training hours reaching more than 7,000 educators, as well as created and published the Hybrid learning, Blended Learning, and eSports courses for Microsoft, was selected as a Microsoft MIE Fellow, and became a Google Certified Coaching Mentor.

I would love to help you too!

I want to offer you my expertise and services to support your entire system, from your administrators to your coaches to your teachers. I have linked below some more information about me and how I support schools and school districts throughout the country. I have the ability like no other to provide all of your training needs, not just for one product, device, or initiative. Blended learning is my specialty!

see the 2022-23 professional learning opportunities from blendEDTECHlearning

2022-23 blendEDTECHlearning Opportunities


  • Education Transformation Framework - Let me lead you through the ETF to take a look at the big picture, rethinking your school or education system leadership and policies (vision for change, strategic planning, community and partnerships, and culture improvement), teaching and learning (student-centered learning, curriculum and assessment, learning spaces, and devices for learning), intelligent environments (blended learning, analytics & AI, security and privacy, and optimizing operations), and student and school success (educator, leader, and IT development, social-emotional learning, future-ready skills, and equity, inclusion, and accessibility).

COACHES (Train-the-Trainer)

  • Your instructional coaches also need professional learning to not only keep up their skills but to be better coaches and mentors for your teachers. I will coach them through several coaching cycles throughout the year to support them in improving their partnership with their principal, other instructional coaches, and teachers, as well as helping them provide non-evaluative personalized learning focused on enhancing impactful technology use that driven by data and is aligned with the district or school goals.


  • Each week we would have 1-3 set days and times that teachers can join a one-hour learnshop on a variety of learner-centered topics focusing on helping the educator use that new skill right away. We can differentiate by grade level or subject area too so that the audience and instruction are more acute to the needs of those teachers. I would work with your school and the educators to discover and learn what would be best for their needs in order to customize and provide the best quality training.

  • If you are interested in a conference-style day of learnshops for your entire district, my network of professional trainers allows me to offer 20+ learnshops for teachers to choose from throughout the day.

  • Another option is to make 50 hours available to school (or entire district) educators to sign-up for one-on-one time to help them with their specific needs. The teacher would use a form to specify the time and topic they need. They would be able to book in 15 min. increments.

If any or all of these interest you and you have a budget range in mind, I can work with you to find the best fit. Set up a time that works best for you. Click on my schedule link below.