Short Courses (Learnshops)


iPads have changed the way we consume information and learn at school. Explore how to facilitate your iPad classroom as a tool for teaching, learning, sharing, creativity, and more. This is not an App-focused professional development, but more of a practice in managing how to teach and learn with iPads. Whether you have iPads just for the teachers, one per student, or if you share iPads within your school, I can help you integrate them in your classroom environment.

iPad Apps Essentials

Millions of apps are available with new ones entering the market by the minute, but where does one start? In this course we will explore the essential types of apps (Screencasting, Presentation, Workflow, Audio/Visual, Writing/Inking, and Multimedia/Storytelling) you need for teaching and apps for your students to use. You will learn how to use these apps and discover the best practices to make the most of your iPads.

Authentic Mobile Learning

Learning can and should take place through natural flow and experiences. Enabling and empowering students to follow their passions, will lead to autonomy, mastery, and something beautiful. Your challenge is to facilitate this zest and mobile learning can provide you more possibilities. I can help your project-based learning or theme-based learning environments integrate iPads and mobile learning for your goals.

Other iPad Services

iPad Helpsite

Blended Tech Learning offers an iPad helpsite template, which can be customized for you and linked to your own domain. Tutorials, links, videos, etc, are made available for faculty and staff, students, and parents, and are customized and edited to assure adherence to policies specific to your context and users. In addition, the helpsite could be a portal to share why and how you are using iPads at school.