G Suite Certified Trainer

What is the Certification Academy featuring "Google"?

The CA is a professional development opportunity which equips educators to become experts at using the classroom tools developed by Google so that they can provide support to other educators. We help you get certified to be a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Why should I get become a Google Certified Educator Level 1, Level 2 or Google for Education Certified Trainer?

Google certification demonstrates your experience with Google tools. Many districts are seeking "Google Experts" to provide professional development. The Google Education Trainer program is similar to Microsoft or C++ certification.

Do I need to attend a Certification Academy to get authorized?

No. The Certification academy is a program designed to support individuals seeking Google Educator Level 1 or 2, or GCT status, but is not required.

What do I need to do to become certified?

To become a Google for Education Certified Trainer, you must successfully Level 1 and 2 exams developed and administrated (virtually) by Google and complete the application.

If you are interested in just Educator Level 1 or 2, there are specific exams and tasks that you must do to reach those levels of certification.

Do I need to pay for the exams?

Yes, the certification exams for becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer exams are not covered as part of the certification academy. The Google Educator Level 1 exam is $10 (120 min. exam) and Level 2 is $25 (180 min. exam)

What is the cost of the Academy?

The cost for the Certification Academy is $299 per person. One-day-bootcamps for Educator Level 1 and Level 2 are $199 per person (vouchers for exams are included in the bootcamps).

Can my school / district host an academy?

Yes! The certification academy can be offered at no cost to the host school. Hosts will receive complementary registrations which they can offer to teachers within the school / district. Please email Nic Finelli (email) to discuss becoming a host location.

Is this the same as the Google Teacher Academy?

No, the GTA is a separate program run by Google. It's a great program, and you should apply! Learn more here.

Will I become a Google Certified Teacher through the Certification Academy?

No, only teachers that are accepted into the Google Teacher Academy (GTA) become Google Certified Innovators. This program will help you become a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Are CEU credits available?

Yes! Each academy will provide 20 hours of continuing ed credit (pending approval).

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