Scholarship Basics

  • Local Scholarships will be listed on this website.
  • Most colleges and universities also offer scholarships. Be sure to check with these institutions for application information.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on a wide array of criteria: grades, extracurricular activities, volunteer hours recognition's & awards, financial need, random drawings, career choices- just to name a few. If you have any questions, just ask.
  • Most local scholarships through the counseling office don't come out until January or February (see below to see what is currently available).

Possible Scholarship Avenues

  • Clubs & Organizations in which the student/parent belongs
  • Companies where the student/parent works
  • Religious affiliations
  • Unions parents belong to
  • Internet
  • Guidance office/ Counselor Webpage

Scholarship Search Engines

Avoiding Scholarship Scams:

  • Never pay for help searching for scholarships
  • Never pay a fee for applying for a scholarship
  • Get everything in writing
  • Investigate the company
  • Never provide credit card or checking account information

Click HERE for Local Scholarships