Vocal/Instrumental Music

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Mrs. Denise Parker - dparker@basdschools.org

Mr. Brian Rupnik - brupnik@basdschools.org

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NEMS Music Curriculum

6th Grade Music:

-Verse and refrain in music

-Reading music notation (notes, rhythm, interpreting a score, vocabulary terms, etc.)

-Introduction to keyboard (piano)

-Playing the recorder

-Texture in music

-GarageBand (Technology)

-Instruments of the orchestra

-Baroque and Classical composers (J. S. Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven)

6th Grade Integrated Arts:

-Study of the Star-Spangled Banner

-My Flag project

-Study of world cultures:

China (creating artwork using Chinese pictographs)

India (study of tala and raga in music - composition using GarageBand)

Africa (creating a Kente cloth - geometric design)

7th Grade Music:

-Reading music notation (notes, rhythm, interpreting a score, vocabulary terms, etc.)


-Duple and triple meter

-Monophonic/homophonic/polyphonic texture in music (composition using GarageBand)

-African American influences in American music (spiritual/ragtime/blues/jazz/rock 'n roll to today's music)

-Playing the guitar (chords)

-Get to Know a Guitarist project (Keynote research)

-Playing the keyboard (piano-level 2)

7th Grade Integrated Arts:

-Human Bingo (team building, developing a safe/comfortable environment for learning)

-Assessing talent, understanding subjective and objective responses

-Use of voice and body in acting

-Study of the opera Carmen

-Carmen soundtrack project (using Garageband)

-Study of the musical West Side Story

8th Grade Music:

-Music questionnaire (developing/sharing ideas about music)

-Reading music notation (notes, rhythm, interpreting a score, rhythm grid, vocabulary terms, etc.)

-What is talent? Who has it? How do you assess it?

-Playing the keyboard (piano-level 3)

-Playing the guitar (chords and melody)

-Keynote research project on a musician

-Cartooning soundtrack project (using GarageBand)

-Podcasting project

Extracurricular Music/Dance Activities at Northeast

After School Vocal Groups (Boys Group, Girls Group, Northeast Singers)

Chorus (6th and 7th/8th Grade)

Dance Team

NEMS Musical

World Percussion Ensemble

NafME (National Association for Music Education website - music standards)