Student Accounts

As of December 8, 2018, the Student Account balances reflect profits from these fundraisers:

1. November grocery gift cards
2. Wawa coupons through November 13
3. Carwash
4. Mums
5. Frank's through October 17
6. Yankee Candle through September 19
7. Lottery Calendar
8. Matey Pizza
9. Coupon Books
10. Coffee
11. Perogies
12. Sheets
13. Wreaths
14. Pies

All checks received through December 8, 2018 have been recorded.
All Organizational fees deducted.

Please note:
The November deduction ($150.00) for the Bermuda trip was taken out of Student Accounts as of November 20.  Thus far $1600.00 has been deducted for this trip ($1550 for freshman).  The last $44.00/$94.00(freshman) trip payment for Bermuda is due on December 15th.  IF YOUR STUDENT ACCOUNT BALANCE IS NEGATIVE, PLEASE SEND IN A CHECK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  THANKS!

If you are a tag/chaperone and not sure of your final balance, please email

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa at

Student names will never be provided.

Student Accounts