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Patriot Band

Freedom Patriot Band 2019-2020

Welcome new and returning members of the Freedom Patriot Band. This year is going to be great with everyone’s help, hard work, and spirit! We are pleased to have you be a part of the fun! The big thing this year we are all looking forward to is the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. In addition to our usual performances, we will also be doing Bethlehem’s Christmas tree lighting and the Bethlehem Memorial Day Parade. Here’s some important information for you and your parents:

Freedom Band Staff:

Mike Moran – Director

Andrew Lynn – Assistant Director

Chris Deremer – Percussion Instructor/Arranger

Band Council:

Band Officers:

President - Ryan Hill

Vice President - Grace Taylor

Secretary - Jared Dowling

Treasurer - Fallon Tatlow

Head Fifer - Sarah Gill

Head Twirlers - Jada Phipps and Lauren Woolley

Drum Majors - Mia Grube and Jess Sturm

Flute Section Leaders - Breanna Frankenfield and Alyssa Ehret

Clarinet Section Leaders - Lauralie Savitski and Cole Anderson

Sax Section Leaders - Andrew Morales and Madison Weinstein

Horn Section Leader - Sam Moschonas

Trumpet Section Leaders - Grace Taylor and Jon Favretto

Low Brass Section Leader - Luke George

Tuba Section Leader - Chris Noel

Drum Captains - Ryan Hill and Andrew Davison

Guard Captain - TBD

Orchestra Officers:

President - Amanda Kujawa

Vice President - Marissa Epler

Secretary - Michaela Wooden

Treasurer - Matthew Bleier


Most of the communication you will receive will be from email so it is imperative that you check it often and let us know right away if your email address changes. Along with email, the band and orchestra also has a Facebook group which is updated daily. It’s the Freedom High School Band and Orchestra Group. Everyone should visit it daily and LIKE the page to keep receiving important updates and messages. You can also follow us on Twitter. Parents, I’d also suggest signing up for REMIND. You will receive text message reminders through the band and orchestra’s REMIND app. Sign up for either or both if you have a son/daughter in the band or orchestra.

Summer Band Schedule:

July 3,10, 17, 24 – full band – 6:00pm to 8:00pm (new members wear sneakers, returning members bring music)

Band Camp:

July 29, 30,  31, August 1,2 – 8:00am to 1:00pm (Full Band)

August 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – 8:00am to 1:00pm (Full Band)

August 8 – Picture Day!

August 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 – 8:00am to 1:00pm (Full Band)

August 16 - 5:00pm Dinner – Freedom Café.

6:00pm FHSBOPO meeting and band warm-ups

7:00pm *PREVIEW SHOW – Freedom’s turf field!

August 22 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm full band

Rotating Band Camp Sectionals (2:00pm to 4:00pm):

Woodwinds – July 29, August 1, 6, 12

Brass and Fife and Drum Corps – July 30,  August 2, 7, 13

Drumline and Twirlers – July 31, August 5, 9, 14

Our halftime show this year is the music from Leonard Bernstein’s Broadway and Hollywood hit, “West Side Story” . We will be performing “Maria”,” Cool”, “Tonight”, and “Mambo”.   Our pregame show will be Pate Medley, Stars and Stripes, Star Spangled Banner, FHS alma mater, and Washington and Lee Swing (the Freedom fight song). Our parade numbers are Pate Medley and Stars and Stripes.

All summer rehearsals and band camp are mandatory for all band members. All rehearsals will begin in the band room. Some of you have already emailed me about having to miss certain rehearsals and I thank you for that. If you know you will need to miss, please email me at mmoran@basdschools.org as soon as you know, also please state why you are missing. WORK IS NOT AN EXCUSE. The only way we will be adequately prepared for the fall marching season is by having everyone at rehearsals. Check the calendar and please plan accordingly.

Our first performance is Friday August 16th and that will also be the first meeting of the FHSBOPO (Freedom High School Band and Orchestra Parents Organization). This will take place here at Freedom. We will have dinner in the Freedom café at 5pm, the first parent meeting of the year will begin at 6pm and the band will perform our preview show at 7pm on the turf field!

Remember, “don’t practice till you get something right. Practice till you never get it wrong.”

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!  Band, see you July 3rd!

Band Pictures:

Christmas City Studios will be taking pictures of the full band, sections, and individual photos on Thursday August 8. All band members should report to Freedom at 2:30pm. Plan to stay till 4:00pm since the individual photos will take awhile to have done. We will be wearing full uniforms for the photos. You do not need to purchase any photo packages but several will be available to you. ALL band members are required to have their photo taken for the year book and wall composite.

Uniform Distribution:

Uniforms will be fitted and distributed to new members during the Summer band rehearsals. All band members will receive a band coat, pants or shorts, ascot, hat, and raincoat. All uniform items must be taken very good care of. It is the student and parent’s responsibility to make sure the uniform is always clean and wrinkle free. It is also your responsibility to have the uniform dry cleaned as needed.

Shoe Fitting Day:

Any new band member who does not have a black pair of the Dinkles marching shoe or current members who have grown out of their band shoes will be fitted on Wednesday July 31. Please bring a check in the amount of $36 on that day made out to FHSBOPO. Unless you grow out of them, you will use these shoes the entire time you are in band.


This is the music we will be performing this Fall. All will need to be memorized by the end of band camp. All parts can and should be downloaded from the band website.

Parade:                 Pregame:                         Halftime:

Pate Medley                 Pate Medley                         Maria/Cool

Stars and Stripes                 Stars and Stripes Forever                 Mambo

                Star Spangled Banner (Higgins Arr.) Tonight

                        Alma Mater

                        Fight Song (Washington and Lee Swing)

Part Assignments:

Everyone is assigned a specific part for each piece. The part assignment list can be found here: 2019 Freedom Band Part Assignments . Please only practice and perform the part assigned to you. After the marching season is over, everyone will have the opportunity to reaudition for new parts. Please realize we may need to change some part assignments if changes in section personnel occur. Do not feel slighted if you are assigned a 2nd or 3rd part. Every part is important to be the best band we can be. Links to recordings of the fall music are found on the band parts page along with parts.

Mandatory Items to Purchase:

White Cotton Gloves - $4

Drummer black gloves - $5 (Cymbals only)

All band sections design their own t-shirts to be worn under the uniform jacket. Prices will vary depending on the t-shirt. Orders will be placed through your section leader.

Black Mesh Shorts - $15

Band Garment Bag - $15

Black Band Shoes - $35 (if you don’t already have the Dinkles we use)

White Majorette Boots – It is the student’s responsibility to purchase them on their own.

*There are many other band logo clothing items available for purchase, but are not required. Check the logo clothing order form and the band logo page on the website for them.

Fall Football Schedule:

Day         Date Opponent         Home/Away Time Special Event

Friday 8/23         E. Stroudsburg North Away 7:00pm

Friday 8/30         Bethlehem Catholic Home 7:00pm         *At BASD stadium

Friday 9/6         Parkland                 Away 7:00pm

Friday 9/13         Nazareth                 Home 7:00pm         Middle School Band Night

Friday 9/20         Whitehall         Away 7:00pm

Friday 9/27         Pocono Mt. West         Home 7:00pm         Homecoming

Friday 10/4         Easton         Away 7:00pm

Friday 10/11       Emmaus                 Home 7:00pm         Senior Recognition

Sat.         10/19 Allentown Central         Away 7:00pm

Sat.         10/26 Liberty (at BASD)         Away 1:00pm         Combined HS/MS bands

Other Mandatory Performances

September 28 - Celtic Classic Parade - 11:30am

October 27 – Bethlehem Halloween Parade – 2:00pm

November 28 -  Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

November 29 - Bethlehem Christmas Tree Lighting - 4:30pm

May 25, 2020 - Bethlehem Memorial Day Parade - 9:30am

Parent Organization:

The parent support group for the band and orchestra is the Freedom High School Band and Orchestra Parent Organization, or FHSBOPO. We meet every month usually on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. It is a very vital volunteer group that helps the band and orchestra with fundraising, uniforms, chaperoning, scholarships, awards, the annual banquet, and misc. purchases needed to maintain the level of quality that is the Freedom tradition. All parents are encouraged to come to meetings and volunteer to be on a committee. The various committees can be found on the FHSBOPO page of the website.

Student Accounts and Fair Share:

Every student in the band or orchestra will have a student account identified by their BASD student ID number. Every band student is expected to do a $75 fair share each school year and orchestra only students do $50 each year. If you are in both band and orchestra it’s only $75 for the year. This can be met through the many fundraisers we do throughout the year or paid out by check or money order. This amount goes towards paying for the many items the FHSBOPO pays for each year, such as student awards, the annual banquet, extra staff, instruments and equipment, food, programs, tickets, and many other items not covered by the BASD. You can check your son/daughter’s student account balance on the band website under it’s own page. It is updated weekly.


Every month the FHSBOPO sends out a newsletter containing info about current and upcoming musical events, performances, and fundraising opportunities. You will be emailed the newsletter and it can also be downloaded from our website.


The band and orchestra’s official website can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/basdschools.org/freedom-instrumental-music/home or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Freedom High School website

  2. Click the STUDENTS button at the top

  3. On the left side of the Students page is the link to the band/orchestra website and my email.

Our website contains info on all the instrumental groups, the FHSBPOPO, a calendar of all performances, concerts and the daily band/orchestra schedule, student account balances, forms, and  trip information.

Facebook, Twitter, and Remind:

As was mentioned earlier, along with email, the band and orchestra use other online resources to keep parents and students better informed.

On Facebook, we have the Freedom High School Band and Orchestra group. All parents and students should join that group and click the LIKE button to receive updates. Along with Freedom items, we often post interesting videos and pictures for all to enjoy.

We also have a Twitter you should join. Do a search for @pateband and click follow to receive weekly updates.

If tweeting is not your thing, parents you should join REMIND. You can find the link to the band and orchestra REMIND groups on the left side of the band website homepage, or go to https://www.remind.com/join/pateband. By joining, you will receive short text messages about important dates and functions. There are separate band and orchestra REMIND groups so if your son/daughter is in band and orchestra, you should join both.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me at mmoran@basdschools.org or call my office at 610-867-5843 ext. 6. Have a most enjoyable Summer and I’ll see the band on  July 3rd!

Mike Moran, Freedom Band and Orchestra Director

Andrew Lynn, Assistant Band and Orchestra Director



     = Section Leader/Captain

Vice Pres.
Drum Major
Head Fifer - 
Head Twirler - 

Alto Saxes

Tenor Saxes

Baritone Sax

French Horn/Mellophone







Honor Guard