Equity, Inclusion & Instruction


at 4j Equity is:

Ensuring that each and every learner receives the necessary resources they need to individually succeed.

Reducing the predictability of who succeeds and who fails.

Creating change to support underserved and historically excluded students.

Cultivating the unique gifts and talents of every student.

Equity Goal:

Eugene School District 4J is committed to eliminating gaps in opportunities and barriers to access which are highly predictable by a student’s race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, disability, and geographic location.

We share the goal of improving outcomes for each and every student.


Find information about upcoming professional development, community events, student opportunities, and projects within Equity.

Family Support Services

Find information about Family Support Services and the 4J Welcome Center.

Hate/Bias Resources

Find teacher, administrator and parent resources for hate/bias.

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