Our Changing Planet: 

Preparing for our Future in the Pacific Northwest

The 4J/EWEB Education Partnership (4J/EEP) is an environmental science education program designed to collaborate, support and provide learning opportunities regarding Climate Change, the effects on the Pacific Northwest, and ways to understand, innovate,  and adapt for our future with a lens on hope and solution through mitigation, preparedness and resilience

4J/EEP is generously funded by the Eugene Water & Electric Board.

Nature is medicine, innovation is hope, adaptation is survival and knowledge is power. We are committed to creating spaces that encourage noticing, wondering and questioning that foster an awareness of the interconnectedness of all living things, natural systems and human impacts. ALL students deserve to be seen, heard and offered the opportunity to learn how to be collaborative, critical thinkers and problem solvers gaining knowledge, confidence and voice to take small and large actions toward creating a just, healthy and livable future here on the planet we all share-Earth.

4J/EEP Focus

Salmon Education

Hope and Solutions

Emergency Preparedness

Hydro/Wind /Solar

Conserve and Protect

Middle School Engineering Challenge

Activities to do at home.

Contact Us:

Tana Shepard

TOSA Climate Energy Conservation

EWEBLove Food Not Waste, SPLASH! grants Coordinator


Maggie Cline

Elementary Science Specialist

TOSA Climate Energy Conservation



Program Assistant 

EWEB, Love Food Not Waste, SPLASH! grants

4J/EEP Headquarters Location: 

Kennedy Middle School, 2200 Bailey Hill Road, Room A-1, Eugene, OR 97405

Phone: 541-790-5533

Mailing Address:

4J Instruction Department, 200 North Monroe, Eugene, OR 97402