MoveWELL ready-to-wear(ables)

Helps older adults to stay active & healthy longer

As we grow older, our physical ability & motivation to stay active decreases

Lack of physical activity decreases resilience and is the main risk leading to frailty.
We develop solutions, in particular
MoveWELL, that supports the ability for people to spring back into shape, increasing their capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Physical inactivity affects many people

22,7 mln [~40,2%] of ~56,5 mln older adults in 11 European countries are considered to be vulnerable/frail. By 2030, this population will grow to ~67,5 mln.

Without interventions there’ll be ~27,1 mln frail people, an increase of ~20%

MoveWELL increases resilience, tackles frailty by

supporting an active life style.

BrAIns on Battery with self-learning that can detect lack of physical activity,

define a personalized 'active' lifestyle & ensure adherence to this lifestyle.

MoveWELL is AI powered, self-learning, cloud connected wearable technology promoting behaviour change.