Improves the wellbeing of older adults by stimulating them to drink & eat well

Dehydration is a key issue with older persons.

It causes dizziness, weakness, disorientation and increases the risk of falling.

DrinkWELL prevents dehydration & malnutrition.

Prevention of dehydration is challenging, even problematic. Raising awareness, adherence and motivation are the main problems that must be tackled to prevent, delay, or minimize dehydration and malnutrition.

DrinkWELL cup

  • It motivates users through an unique, intuitive UI with voice reminders.

  • Clinically validated: by Fachhoch schule Campus Wien:

    • improves the condition and stimulates the cognitive activity of elderly and patients

    • nurses experienced quality of care improvements and decreased level of admin work.

  • Accessories support very frail elderly & dementia patients

Voice app - register drinks

  • Voice app & mobile app to record drinks enjoyed outside the cup (i.e. in restaurants and bars)

  • the apps can share information with family and friends and nurses and offers tips/suggestions how to motivate users


DrinkWELL is the only clinically validated dehydration prevention solution that supports end-users & nurses.

It's an innovation developed at the Fachhochschule Campus Wien, the university applied science in the fields of nursing, health, science.
It's suitable to be used @home, in retirement & nursing homes (especially alzheimer) and hospitals.

DrinkWELL website | DrinkWELL will be available by Q2 - 2023