We're a provider of healthy aging solutions:

Wearables. Smart drinking cup. Cloud AI & IoT. Mobile & voice apps.

Solutions that promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent frailty and support rehabilitation.

Connected health for private homes, care & nursing homes and hospitals.



exciting wearable technology and a novel, innovative, approach tackling physical inactivity by 'energizing' people


the smart drinking cup, with a digital suite, that prevents dehydration & malnutrition


a comprehensive community system that tackles social isolation ánd promotes physical activity

Move well & drink well to feel well

Our healthy aging concept is Be WELL: using technology which essentially becomes part of daily routines to improve Wellbeing through Exercising, Living & Learning.

Our solutions are a combination of 'traditional' monitoring practices, common in many products, with exciting new technologies for the prevention and proactivity of our citizens.

A new generation of lifestyle solutions for healthy elderly and patients alike.

moving away from a mindset fixed on risks & disease management

The common goal is to add five years to healthy life expectancy [HLE+5] , aka provide extra years of a healthy life. Our mission is to promote physical and social activity which, together with healthy drinking and eating habits, are the prerequisites to stay healthy.
As there’s a distinct relationship between the physical activity, stay hydrated and healthy eating habits,
we are developing an integrated suite of solutions that limit frailty, i.e. increase resilience.

We believe that we should learn from the individual's daily life to activate their lifestyle. Using modern technologies we can learn and are able to establish lifestyle (behaviour) changes with minimal manual input from, and impact to, the end-user.


Our solutions help care providers and insurers to innovate, automate and 'upgrade & migrate' their processes and IT systems to customer (patient) centric solutions.