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Jim McConnell, Manager, Material Distribution Center, United States Postal Service

“I would like to personally thank you for the support given to the U.S. Postal Service, especially the Material Distribution Center (MDC) in Topeka during implementation of our Anthrax decontamination process. Through this analysis it was determined that instead of spending $4.5 million for float stock, no additional float stock would be needed. ”

Charles F. Myers, Director, DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis

“I would personally like to recognize the outstanding contribution of Dr. Randy Zimmerman to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). Through his research, which applied Data Envelopment Analysis to measure the efficiency of each warehouse in the DLA distribution system, we are able to empirically identify inefficiencies in the system and use that information to reduce inefficiencies, benchmark performance, and identify business practices that will make our warehouses operate more efficiently.”

John J. Hamre, Deputy Secretary of Defense

“I would like to congratulate one of your outstanding professionals, Major Randal J. Zimmerman of Defense Supply Center Richmond, on his recent selection as one of the recipients of the Travel Managers of the Year presented by Government Executive magazine. This accomplishment celebrates excellence and you can truly be proud of his hard work and innovation.”

LTG Henry T. Glisson, Director, Defense Logistics Agency

“Congratulations for your work developing the Offsite model and software tool. What a great idea! Your outstanding initiative transformed the concept into a useful and practical tool. Offsite now gives planners a quick, objective method to select the least-cost location for conducting training or hosting conferences from 260 cities with Government fares around the country. Your model and program provide a tremendous opportunity for Defense Logistics Agency and all of the Government to generate real savings on travel costs”

Christine L. Gallo, Executive Director, DLA Plans and Operations

“I enjoyed our recent conversation and wanted to follow-up with some additional comments. We are very excited about the success of Major Randy Zimmerman and Major Jeffrey Huisingh's project to develop a method of reducing conference, training, and other travel costs. They have put together a winner for the Defense Logistics Agency and the entire government.”

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