Foot Orthotics

Yoshida wellness offer various levels of foot orthotic treatment. We have "Ready Mades", "Modified Ready Mades" and "Custom Fitted".......

all at differant prices. Call today for options.

Our Medical office has been treating the unbalanced and painful foot for over 35 years.

Many patients require a medical Diagnosis and treatment for insurance claims.

The process includes:

- Office Visit

- Biomechanical evaluation and diagnosis

The advantage of visiting the doctors office is the professional medical evaluation and competent follow up.

Plantar Fasciitis

Sport Orthotic

This Sport and Walking orthotic type is made from 4mm polypropylene shell with a rearfoot post.

The top cover is moisture resistant simulated extended to toes. Soft impact foam is added under the balls of the foot and toes.

This Sport and walking orthotic provides medium to high bio-mechanical support and is for walking, jogging, running and general sports activities.

Sport Orthotic

Diabetic Orthotic

Plastizote accommodated Orthotics have a duel density construction. The Orthotic shell is made from a firmer Black Plastizote and covered to the toes with a soft White Plastizote.

Plastizote is designed for people with sensitive feet and has historically been used in Diabetic Foot applications.

Plastizote Orthotics provide mild bio-mechanical support.

Diabetic Orthotic

Geriatric Flexible

This Geriatric Flexible orthotic type is made from 3mm

polypropylene shell with a firm rearfoot post. The standard Simulated Leather Top Cover will cover the orthotic only.

The Geriatric Flexible model provides medium support that controls the foot motions yet allows the orthotic to moderately flex

Diabetic Orthotic