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Dr Yoshida treats Lower Back Pain using a combination of Eastern Medical Techniques and Western Medical Technology

Meet Dr. Yoshida

Dr. David Yoshida and staff specializes in providing patients the newest and best in excellent chiropractic care, using both Traditional Eastern diagnostic and healing methods as well as the newest in Western Energetic Healing modalities and Brain-Body Exercise/Nutrition.


Dr. Yoshida and his dogs.

Car Accident

Car Accident

Workmans Compensation

Workman's Compensation

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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Wellness Approach

The Wellness Approach looks for underlying Root Causes of any disturbance or disruption and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would restore the conditions for normal function.

The main difference between Wellness Care and standard medical care is that Wellness Care seeks to turn on the body's Natural Healing Ability.

Wellness Care does not add something to the system, instead it removes anything that might interfere with normal function.

Encouraging Natural Healing

Upon discovering the main cause of the body's problems (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and making whatever changes and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function, many patients express great relief and satisfaction.

Addressing the cause of the problem encourages natural healing, and minimizes the need for invasive treatment, which should be administered only when absolutely necessary.

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Services Available

Back Pain

  • Sciatica
  • Leg Pain or Numbness
  • Muscle soreness
  • Spastic muscles
  • Bulging Disk
  • Injury

Neck Pain

  • Whiplash Associated Disorders
  • Migrane
  • TMD (Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction) Jaw Pain and Clicking, Difficulty opening or closing mouth
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tennis Elbow or Elbow Pain
  • Wrist Pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Hand Pain or Numbness, Tingling
  • Arthritis


  • Memory Loss
  • Brain Fog
  • Head Injury
  • Balance
  • Fall Prevention
  • Stress
  • ADD - ADHD
  • PTSD

Foot Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spur
  • Bunions
  • Arch Pain
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Pronation
  • Supination

Increase Microcirculation increases cellular regeneration.


10 session package utilizing either the Bemer Magnetic Pulse System or the IMRS Wellness System. $250


Our chiropractic office has been treating the unbalanced and painful foot for over 35 years.

Many patients require a medical Diagnosis and treatment for insurance claims.