Here you will find all the latest news in our project. Hope you find them interesting!

End of the IT'SUPTO2 project...

And we would like to share with you some of the most relevant activities for us during this project.

Hope you like it!

Ecohero in Sicily!

Ecohero arrived to his final destination: Sicily!

Click on the image to listen and read the tale!

Ecohero in Portugal!

Ecohero arrived to Portugal and...

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Sustainable drawings from the I Circolo San Cataldo (Sicily)

Sicilian students have made beautiful sustainable drawings about how to protect the environment for our last activity 'Very Green' task.

Adaptation of the 'How green are we?' activity

Due to the current situation because of the pandemic we have had to adapt our previous activity about our school diagnosis.

This new task: 'Very Green' activity is very similar but adapted to the new situation.

Our students have been participating in many different activities to help lower our carbon footprint. Now it is time to examine the possible changes in our lives before and after the CORONA virus pandemic.

Each student is given a questionnaire about the effects of Corona virus. They have to answer it and also ask to other students in their school. Then, they write a survey with the results and conclusions.

At the end, student from all the Erasmus project countries contribute to make conclusions and think about possible solutions.

Erasmus days 2020

Greek students and teachers prepare a festive video with photos and recordings about the pupils' experiences from our 2 Erasmus Projects : "A BETTER EUROPE: IT'S UP TO YOU" and " INCLUSIVE EDUCATION-BY DEFAULT OR BY DESIGN

Portugal day!

Portuguese students share with us this information they collected about these festivities in Portugal- the most important day in their calendar.

This was part of Portuguese online project.

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Clear water, cleaner air

During the lockdown students from Escola Nadal have been doing some activities related to the environmental effects of coronavirus.

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Spanish solidary raffie

We have just celebrated last week our solidary raffie (Solidary Market activity from our project)

Second hand games, toys and board games. Second used, second life!

Greek carnival!

Greek Carnival is here! What a nice opportunity to disseminate our Erasmus experiences!We combined our local traditions and festivities with our Erasmus eco-products in a school art exhibition titled "Masks, Puppets, Apparitions".The school exhibition is on Friday and Saturday this weekend. This is our poster and our leaflet for the event.

Greek Eco-Hero tale!

Here you can read about Ecohero's adventures in Greece. Ecohero listened to the pupils' worries about the environment,and decided to visit Pythia, the famous fortune teller . She told him a myth about Erisichthon, a man who did not respect Nature.It's the ultimate ecomyth! Our 5th Graders listened to this didactic story about Erisichthon, and with the help of their ICT Teacher created this comic for you.

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Green comission - Greek survey

Today our 5th Graders did some survey on the recycling measures that their school takes.They noticed that ,although there are plenty of recycling bins in the schoolyard, some pupils still throw away things!They also noticed that Grade A has got only an organic waste bin,and no paper, or plastic bin.Also, in Grade B there's an organic waste bin and a plastic bin, but no paper bin. For more information and details about recycling at school, our pupils are going to fill in the questionnaire made by their Nadal School peers!

Greek Eco-Hero tale starts...

Stories create new stories! As you all know, Ecohero has already arrived at Amfissa,Greece! Our 5th Graders were very happy to meet him, but also worried about what people can do to protect the environment. Ecohero decided to visit a wise old woman called Pythia at the ancient temple of god Apollo in Delphi.....

What advice did Pythia give to Ecohero? Only our 5th Graders know! and ,they are working on this using a comic maker application.They will soon complete it and share it with you!

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Disseminating puppetry in Greece

Disseminating puppetry from Sicily-blending it Greek shadow puppetry

Welcome to Amfissa Eco Hero!!!

Students from Greece welcome Eco-Hero

Green comission - Spanish results

Here you have our first results. What do you think? Keeping working!

Eco Hero pictures chapter 1

Here you have the pictures for our Eco-hero adventures, 1st chapter.

Please, vote the one you like best! Write a comment to this post, write the number of the picture, and we will guess the winner!

Spanish students checking recycle bins

2nd Grade students checking recycle bins in all the classrooms. They are very excited with the eco-mission :-)

Next stop... Amfissa!

Students call to Potugal!!! Ready???

Visit to CRAM

Today we have visited CRAM which is a marine animal rescue center. We have learnt many things related to the problems in the sea (human pressure on the coast, fishing gears among others).

Spanish students visit the local radio

We have been in Radio Sant Feliu telling how our experience in Sicily was. It has been a great experience for us. One the hand, being in a real program and remembering our experience in Sant Cataldo.

Spanish Eco-Hero tale!

Click on image to read!

Spanish students start writing the eco-hero tale

Students from Nadal School have agreed to write a shared tale related to the environment, "Ecohero" (our mascot)as well as a well-known myth here in Catalonia. It is about a man who has 365 noses. It loses one every day.....more details soon!!

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Green comission

Students involved in our green commission are going to promote an initiative to diagnose some issues related to materials, containers and energy used at school. We'll get back to you when we have the results. Look at the grid below.

Recycled worksheet

3rd Grade students from Escola Nadal participated in a recycling worksheet.

Sicilian mosaic

We have created a little photo mosaic with some of the pictures from our trip to Sicily. Enjoy remembering those gorgeous moments!

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Eco-Christmas postcards exchange

An example of our eco-Christmas postcards exchange among all the partners

Greek student 1 diary

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Greek student 2 diary

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