Windham Southwest Supervisory Union

Guiding Principles for a Positive, Welcoming School Climate

The WSWSU is committed to discovering and cultivating the unique gifts, talents, and interests that every student possesses regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, family economics, class, geography, ability, age, language, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

We condemn hate and harm toward any member of our school community.

We acknowledge that we are responsible for creating a culture of belonging in school in which every child feels that their voice matters and will be heard. We believe every student’s success depends upon this.

We will work to provide our students with the skills and knowledge to create a more just and inclusive community and society.

We commit to taking action to recognize and address hateful and biased actions, and to repair harms in ways that are restorative, and focused on student support and education.

We commit to addressing the systems that contribute to unjust outcomes for students. To do so, we work to change inequitable practices and to educate and communicate in ways that create inclusive, welcoming school environments.

School Closing/Delay Notifications

Portrait of Student Success: Project Underway! To build a collective vision that articulates our community's hopes and aspirations for all our students.

Portrait Design Team Meeting #2 Update & Opportunity for Public Input (click on "Portrait of Student Success" link here to see info posted under the Events sub-tab)

Please note that Central Office Staff may be working remotely to follow CDC recommendations. Phone messages will be monitored on a daily basis. We ask that you please contact us by phone or by email as the safest means to communicate with Central Office Staff. Thank you!

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Please find information specific to each school on the district websites:

Twin Valley School District

Southern Valley School District

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