About Us

Our Goals

· To nurture and grow the whole child, challenging students to develop into inquisitive, thoughtful individuals with a sense of responsibility to themselves and their community

· To provide experiences to make meaningful choices and value personal/academic growth through exploration and reflection

· To create highly personalized and academic instructional opportunities for each child

· To create the conditions for students to meet and exceed standards while developing their “voice” and becoming empowered for the next steps in their lives

· To enable students to become informed users and creators of multiple forms of digital media

· To engage students as active participants in their own learning and collaborate with teachers in a cycle of rigorous individualized goal-setting, planning, evaluation and revision

Special Features

· Free full-time on-site after school program in collaboration with Hands in 4 Youth

· Wingspan performing arts program

· One-to-one laptops; technology infused into all curriculum areas

· Individualized high school articulation program and parent workshop series

· Advisory, Community Meetings, Personal Growth Labs

· Celebrations of student work through publishing parties, museum shares and online publications

· Individualized student schedules

· Small class sizes, block scheduling and flexible groupings

· Hands-on science lab experiences and week-long STEM intensive

· Regents offered in Algebra and Living Environment; Honors ELA and math enrichment

· Arts curriculum features film-making, fine arts, animation, drama and musical exploration classes

· Powerspeak online foreign language elective

· Academic coaches and Base Camp Program

· Student led conferences and promotional portfolio presentations