What's Up in 5W?

If you see this, say the magic word "SKITTLES" tomorrow to Mrs. Walsh so she knows you went on the website! :)

Welcome to 5W! My name is Mrs. Walsh and I am so excited to meet you all! You may be wondering; who is Mrs. Walsh? If my name doesn't sound familiar, that's because last year I was Ms. Engdahl!

This will be my 5th year teaching 5th grade! I taught at Davis Hill last year and before that, I taught for three years in Haverhill. I grew up in Sutton and and now live with my husband and our golden retriever, Ford, in Chelmsford.

This website is a great place to stay up to date with happenings in our classroom. I will also send home a hard copy of a newsletter each week, but will update this electronic version at least once a week as well. I love that this is a space where I can post pictures and add in links to helpful videos or some assignments as well. The "Blog" tab is where you can stay up to date with what is happening in our room each week. Under the "Important Info" tab is where I like to house information that may be needed all year long such as the rotating specials schedule or the contact info for the 5th grade team which may be helpful when we switch for science. The "Helpful Websites" tab is meant to be a resource for you of websites I have found helpful if you and your child need an extra resource at home. Under the "Contact" tab, I listed my contact information for your convenience. A few quick things:

1.) I strongly believe that communication between the classroom and home is crucial, and therefore try my very best to keep you up to date and give many reminders of upcoming events.

2.) My goal is to develop life-long learners who can think critically about the content they are learning and can describe in their own words why they are learning something or how it will help them be successful. I love when students ask questions and work collaboratively to come to an "Ah-ha" moment!

3.) If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

I am looking forward to our adventures together in 5W this year!


Mrs. Walsh

School Supplies

You can also find this on the Davis Hill website!

Copy of 2018-19 Supply List 5th Grade