Greetings from G-101!

Welcome back from our long winter rest!

This website is where my G-101 families can get information at a glance, and where your child can quickly access links on the Resources & Links tab! Please visit this site regularly!

Important Information

  • The Six Flags "Read to Succeed" program is in full swing! The reading log is due February 20th-- a total of 360 minutes must be recorded in order to earn your free Six Flags ticket! This program is a fantastic way for your child to earn a ticket valued at $40+! Need another reading log or need more information? Click on Six Flags Read to Succeed

    • Walk Through California is quickly approaching! This is an interactive assembly / learning adventure your child will be involved with on January 24th, right at our school. Your child will bring home the notice / invitation on Monday. I plan to review this in detail with your child on Monday so they can help answer your questions. They will need to do a little research and put together a "costume" for the in-house field trip. Can't wait to get them going! Click on the link below to check out their website for more information and costume ideas:

Walk Through California

  • Save the date for Sami's Circuit Family Fitness night at LCE. This should prove to be a positive, worthwhile evening of family fitness with a high energy, motivational coach leading the way. Join us on Monday, January 14th, from 6-7. Bring the family. Thank you PTC for bringing Sami to our school!

  • Starstruck is coming!!! This is possibly my favorite school event of the year. The kids will begin learning their dance next week on the 17th, and will have 1 practice a week until show time which will be the evening of February 27 or 28. I will share more information with you as it becomes available.

  • Have you seen all of the useful study materials that are shared with your child on Google Classroom? Please ask your child to pull it up at home and show you. They must log into Google with their school email and password, then click on the waffle, and then select Google Classroom.


Happy New Year to our G101 family!

What We're Learning

    • Language Arts ~ We will move into learning how to use context clues to determine the meaning of new words we encounter as we read. Our next vocabulary quiz will target this particular skill. We will also learn and practice a strategy to help students ACE constructed responses (ANSWER by using words from the question to start our response, CITE evidence by paraphrasing or quoting, EXPLAIN why our answer is reasonable). We will practice ACEing constructed responses as we read our next novel, Old Yeller. With this novel we will continue work on plot, setting, climax, and theme. In writing, we will begin a narrative writing unit.

    • Math ~ We will be launching right into Long Division, topic 10. We will spend the first day reviewing some math learned in trimester one, primarily subtraction. We will focus on long division for 2 weeks. In addition to our core curriculum, we will start reviewing material dating back to the start of the year. It is important that as we progress through the standards, we do not forget what we've learned! 😎

    • Social Studies ~ We are researching facts about 6 important European explorers in California and will create a final product to showcase our learning. Students should also be researching an answer at home and memorizing their expert card in preparation for A Walk Through California. Please help your child collect pieces for a costume as well. Walk Through CA is on January 24th. Save the date-- parents are invited too!

    • PE ~ Sami's Circuit, Starstruck dance instruction, and circuit training will be the focus to start our new year.

  • PLEASE help your child meet their 20-25 minute reading requirement each night. This is part of their NIGHTLY homework.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Mon., 1/14, 6-7 pm: Sami's Circuit Family Night at LCE
  • Wed., 1/23, 6-8 pm: Family Skate Night at Roller King (PTC-sponsored fundraiser)
  • Thur., 1/24, 8:45-11:30 am: Walk Through California at LCE (parents invited to watch! More info coming home Tuesday!)
  • Tue., 1/29, 4-7: Family Dine-out Night at Chick-fil-A (PTC-sponsored fundraiser)

Happy New Year!