Interactive eLearning

How do you create interaction with students in an online world?

Students learn through their participation in the learning process. When they are active members of your class, they are deepening their learning by applying concepts and articulating new knowledge.

Examples of Interaction in eLearning include:

  • Asynchronous/Synchronous formative assessments
  • Video/Audio discussions
  • Interactive games/quizzes
  • Simulations
  • Branching exercises

Interactive Assignments with Pear Deck

Google Slides can become an interactive excercise with the add-on Pear Deck. This video demonstrates how add Pear Deck and then create different types of interaciton.

Graphic Organizers

Add graphic organizers as Class Materials in Google Classroom for students to actively engage in on-line learning. Tips in designs using Google Slides and Drawings will be demonstrated.

Creating A Short Quiz: Google Forms

Creating a quiz in Google Forms is a great way to get a temperature check on students. In this session, we will look at how easy it is to build a quiz in Google Forms and then add it to Google Classroom.

Wakelet: Curate Content for Online Learning

Wakelet is a free platform that allows you to save, organise and share content from across the web. The read mode enables students to have articles translated into 60 languages and apply accessiblity tools for text preferences.

Earn a badge!

The world is changing fast and, today more than ever, traditional modes of assessment fail to capture the learning that happens everywhere and at every age. Digital badges are a powerful tool for identifying and validating the rich array of people's skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. Digital badges are a type of micro-credential, meaning that they are smaller in scope than traditional credentialing systems such as degrees and certifications. Districts are encouraged to use the provided resources to create there own badging opportunities. In addition, WOSU Classroom provides fee-based evaluation services to award badges using the evidence of learning choice board and evaluation rubric. Information about WOSU Classoom Certificates of Attendance and graduate credit are available at

Choice Board for Online Classes

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