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Welcome to the Home Page for the Woodland High School and Middle School Music Department! Through this site, you will find information regarding our various musical ensembles, the grading policies for those ensembles, our concert schedules, and links to our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as other useful and educational music websites. We hope that this site can continue to increase efficiency in communication and be a fun place to go to learn more about both music at WSD and music in general. 


Bryana Steck and Patrice Lins

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"

-Victor Hugo

Music is something that can have a long-lasting impact on people for many reasons. All of us have that one song that, when it pops up on the radio or our Pandora or Spotify playlist, makes us smile and brightens our day. Not only that, but music makes us smarter (watch the video!) and is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Our aim in the Woodland High School and Middle School Music program is to give students a chance to not only learn how to read and "speak" the language of music, but also to find joy and self-expression in its performance. For many, band and choir can be a place of accomplishment and belonging, a place where they have friends and where they can both relax and be challenged, all while having fun and working with their peers to create something incredible that they can be proud of.   

Woodland High School and Middle School offer a variety of musical ensembles including various levels of middle schools concert bands and concert choirs, Beginning Guitar, Beaver Band, HS Concert Choir, Jazz Band and Jazz Choir. For more information regarding these ensembles (their descriptions, grading policies, and schedules), please see the links in the drop-down menu in the top right corner of this page.

Meet our Teachers!

Bryana Steck

5-12 Instrumental Director

BA received from Washington State University

MA in Educational Psychology

In the eight years that I have been teaching, I have come to believe that every student deserves and desperately desires the chance to be incredible at one thing. I feel that my purpose is to give students as many opportunities to make that one thing music as I possibly can. It has been tricky learning to balance high standards with both compassion and consistency in the classroom, but I think that my familiar and laid back relationship with my students allows me both to push and to support while being relatable to an uncommon, but ultimately beneficial degree. I am nowhere near perfect, of course, and I guarantee that I will make mistakes over the course of each year that I teach, but I believe that we can all learn from the mistakes that we make (teachers included!). This is a life lesson that I incorporate into all of my classes as I encourage students to take risks and try new things. I am possessed with a passion for music and for exploring new ideas and projects, another aspect that I have come to share with my pupils in the Woodland School District. I also have an ambition and drive to always make my program and musicians better, stronger, and more independent. Musicians in my ensembles engage in student-led sectionals frequently, and I often use students as mentors for one another, taking advantage of the multiple levels of ability within my classes, even at the beginning level. On my hardest, toughest days, I still can’t imagine doing anything other than teaching music. I truly love what I do. 

Patrice Lins

5-12 Choral Director

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