Girls News and Notes

WIAA State

Well...state weekend is here. Nine ladies and a pile of coaches head to LaCrosse to compete in the WIAA State Championships. Looks like a beautiful weekend for the kids. Click here for the Meet Notes.

Conference Champs!!

Grit. Webster defines grit as "firmness of mind or spirit... unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger." Our ladies showed that Tuesday night, with a lot of kids fighting through physical adversity, less-than-ideal weather, and the stress of the end of the school year. The sum of their grit resulted in a conference championships...a great accomplishment and a great springbroad to the WIAA tournament. Congrats to the medal winners (and All-Conference nominees):


2nd Place:

3rd Place:

JV Conference...Woof

The JV kids got to experience the full gamut of Wisconsin weather Thursday night in Greendale. It was warm and sticky. Then it got cloudy. Then it started to rumble and flash in the distance and the stadium was cleared. Then it drizzled. Then it stopped. Then it drizzled. Then it hailed and poured and blew 50+ MPH. Then it mostly stopped. Then the tornado sirens came on. Then the sun came out. Unfortuntely, despite the sun coming back out, the timing company's laptops were exposed to the poured and 50+ MPH part of the meet and fried, thus ending the meet. An unfortunate and premature end to the JV season...but maybe a memorable one?


For a lot of our kids, the season is done. We had a quick meeting after school Monday with a lot of important details for the end of the season, including uniform return, Awards Night, and helping at our last two home meets. Click here for the End of Season Note.

Speed Winter 2023-2024

Coaching Staff

The coaching staff for the 2024 season:

2024 Season Shirt

We ask all team members to purchase a long-sleeve T-shirt each season. This will be worn on picture day and can be worn at practices and meets. The cost of the shirt is $10. Money will be collected at practice the second week of the season and shirts will be distributed when kids pick up uniforms.

Meet Schedule

The meet schedule is available on the Schedules page.

Typically there is one Varsity meet and one JV meet each week. A majority of our athletes should know early in the season which meets they can plan on attending throughout the season. A few of our athletes may move back and forth depending on entry limits at a meet.

Athletes with multiple spring commitments (such as club volleyball, AAU, fine arts)...plans will be made to accomodate. In general, the earlier in the track season, the more flexible the track schedule is. As we get into May and the championship portion of the track season, we would look to prioritize track.