Recommended Devices

The district highly recommends the use of Chromebooks as a BYOD device. Chromebooks are lightweight, inexpensive (in relation to other devices), quick, and are capable of doing everything that students will need to do.

Having said that, this is a Bring Your Own Device pilot, and if your child has an existing laptop or iPad, your child is welcome to bring and use that device in school. However, based upon data from the initial pilot, Chromebooks are the preferred device.

Many of our families have asked which Chromebook we would recommend; we recommend the same Chromebook we purchase for our schools:

Chromebook 11 EE G4 Celeron N2840 2.16 16GHz/4GB/16GB/ac/abgn/BT/WC/3c/11.6" HD/Chrome OS Hewlett Packard Commercial

The current chromebook specs include a recommendation for a 4GB chromebook. While a 2GB chromebook is sufficient at this time, within a couple of years a 4GB chromebook may be required so we highly recommend the 4GB.

Families have found the Chromebook on the following two sites: (We are sure there are many others, but these have worked for some!)

Please note, based upon feedback from the initial pilot, we do recommend students have a protective case for their device. Some examples of protective cases for Chromebooks may be found at this link.