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Alumni Fund 2022-2023

Kicking off AF23!

Thank you for all that you did to make AF22 an historic success! Through your collective efforts, the Alumni Fund raised more than $15.5 million from 14,000 alumni.

The Who, What, When, Why, and How of being an agent and asking fellow alumni to join you in supporting Williams. Special sections for head agents, leadership agents, varsity agents, agents of change and milestone reunions. Still have questions? Contact us.

Are my assignments?

Access your assignments using My Reports or Volunteer by EverTrue. (training tools available for both).

Should I contact my assignments?

2022-2023 helpful timing tips, Alumni Fund timeline, and monthly highlights

Should I ask for a gift?

Tips on asking for a gift, sample letters, emails, texts and ways to say thank you

Is happening on campus?

Important college topics and conversation aids

Support Williams?

Reasons to support and impacts of gifts of all sizes by giving designation

All things Williams

Handy links to news, finances, people, social, and photos

Williams and Alumni Fund Data

Helpful data on Williams and its alumni; Alumni Fund goals, class standings, and history; revenue and spending

There are many

Making a gift to Williams can be done in the way most convenient to you

Supplemental Information

for Head Agents, Leadership Agents, Varsity Agents and Agents of Change

Links to Milestone Reunions

50th Reunion/25th Reunion

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75 Park St., Williamstown, MA 01267

Kelan O'Brien

Classes '26-'18


Sheila Mason

Classes '17-'13

Director of the Alumni Fund


Tim Goggins

Classes '12-'98


Wendy Skavlem

Classes '97-'83


Sean McGrath

Classes '82-'68

Post-50th Program Director


Heather O'Brien

Classes '67-'40