Travel Dates: June 22 - July 16, 2018 Program Dates: June 25 - July 13, 2018

Director: Kathryn Murphy (contact)

This lovely Mark Rothko Style painted school is a short bus ride from where the teachers live. Both inside and out serve the WIESCO philosophy well as the teachers are welcome to use the facility as needed. Each teacher has a classroom and all gatherings, such as opening and closing ceremonies, dances, Russian/Latvian Day, and Independence Celebrations are hosted in the auditorium.

Each teacher has a group of students in their homeroom. Ages of the students range from 11 to 16 and are divided according to age. Every teacher has a homeroom state and thus the students become quite familiar with their respective "home bases".

Lessons include program-wide activities which revolve around the same theme.

Each student was asked to draw designs and write words relative to being thankful. Their efforts were displayed and presented to the entire program later in the day.

The afternoons are spent with a wide variety of activities from sports to crafts to yoga.

This young lady made a flower from duct tape!

Read this magical star and one can easily see how many different activities are planned for the three great weeks!

It is never easy to say goodbye and when the teachers leave, many students come to the hotel to bid us a fond farewell. Friendships are such a blessing and we all feel the love in so many ways

Program Director

Kathryn Murphy


(715) 821-0794

Kathryn Murphy has been affiliated with WIESCO since 2001 and has been the director of the Daugavpils program since 2002. Kathryn spent 38 years teaching Language Arts at Rice Lake and Somerset, Wisconsin School Districts. Now that she is retired, in her spare time, she enjoys gardening, reading, and playing the piano for various hospitals, and volunteering in her hometown whenever there is a need.

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