Technology in WFB

What is the District's technology vision?

The District believes educational technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. When coupled with strong teacher-student interactions and best practice instructional pedagogy, it is a tool that empowers learning by providing anytime, anywhere access to information and resources, strengthening connections to the global community, and allowing students to share their learning in new and creative ways.

Technology tools should be integrated into the classroom in all areas when appropriate and beneficial to further the WFB Focus Plan and identified Seven Thriving Dispositions. Educational technology should be used to provide students with opportunities to collaborate both within the district as well as throughout the global community, taking advantage of collaboration with other classrooms and content experts. Technology can empower students to pursue research questions they have identified, think critically about information they locate, create digital products, and share with an authentic audience. Students have greater opportunity to represent and reflect on their learning when using digital tools.

Because technology is a powerful and ever-present tool, the District also emphasizes the importance of teaching safety, responsibility, digital citizenship, at school, in the community, and at home.

The resources on this site are meant to empower families to better understand their students' use of technology, the laws surrounding that use, and to make personal decisions about technology use as a family.