Remote Learning and Webex

Webex is an amazing collection of tools that can be used for online learning and collaboration. This site will serve as a guide to help you plan lessons, teach a class virtually, and work with colleagues in a virtual team environment.

Welcome to the Webex Technology Resource Site! To explore the site utilize the Navigation buttons located along the top right side of the page. Links, articles, and other resources will be posted here for use in your classrooms. In addition to this you will find great resources to help you utilize technology to improve teaching and learning on our Area 66 website.

To use this website, start with the Webex Meetings tab and work through the content and check list. Once you have completed that, then move on to the Webex Teams tab and repeat.

After you have mastered the skills in these two tabs, you'll need to complete the Webex Check Off form. This form certifies to your building principal that you are comfortable using Webex in the classroom.

If you don't feel comfortable with certifying this, review the content on the previous tabs and then reach out to the tech team here and we can help!

Click the image above to get taken to the check off form. This is required for ALL STAFF.

Once you have certified that you're comfortable with Webex Meetings and Teams, go to the Teaching section. There, you'll see tips and tricks for using Webex in a blended (remote+in person) classroom.