Barony of Rivenoak

The Barony of the Rivenoak is a small branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism ("SCA") located in Butte and Glenn Counties, California, in the Principality of the Cynagua, which is part of the Kingdom of the West.

The SCA is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the research and recreation of pre-seventeenth century history around the world. In the SCA you can do almost anything! Join us for low-key local activities or full events that transport you back to yesteryear.

In the SCA, everyone is welcome. From the wee babe being passed around during court to the retiree finding new adventures, there's an entire community for you to find friends and, for many, family. It doesn't matter if you are extroverted or introverted, a history buff or classic soccer mom, a city slicker or living in the boonies, all are welcome.

Armored combat, fencing, archery, equestrian competitions and more! If you wish to have a little excitement in your life, or simply find a fun alternative to the gym, look no further than the SCA's martial arts. Here we practice honor, safety, and sportsmanship, whether it be for pleasure or competition.  

Gain a new hobby, become more self-sufficient, or indulge in a curosity. If someone invented it before the 1600's, then you can learn! Weaving, blacksmithing, dancing, calligraphy, leatherworking, brewing, soapmaking... these are but a few of the many, many trades that make up Arts and Sciences.

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