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Looking for ways to infuse your educational unit with some highly engaging and motivational technology?

One way we can challenge students, but still provide a high level of interest and motivation, is to provide choices. Moving away from 'everyone does the same project' or 'everyone uses the same tool' can be very powerful. Next time you're planning a student project, think about giving them choices of the tool they use to publish their work/findings. You may be surprised at how much more invested they are in their work.

Check out the links for some project ideas, tools and samples. Each one is packed with information, process, a sample student deliverable, a how to get started video and estimated time needed.

Our job is to ask students to engage in meaningful curriculum and technology rich projects. Sometimes we look for students to work individually. Other times we structure lessons so that they collaborate in groups sharing all the work and all of the decisions. A third option is for individuals to complete portions of a project alone and then contribute that to the whole group effort. These can be challenging decisions when we consider the dynamics of the class, available technology, the support different students receive and more. It also means challenging ourselves to run a class a bit least for one project.

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