Staff Induction

Welcome to Wellspring Academy Trust

Welcome to the Wellspring Academy Trust. This page connects you to all aspects of your induction experience beyond what your academy will facilitate for you.

Our intention is to provide a variety of opportunities for you to share ideas, experience, and knowledge with colleagues, reflect on your practice, learn new things and form connections within your academy and wider within the Trust that will serve to enhance your experience.

There are online elements for you to complete before arrival and within your first 8 weeks from commencement of your employment.

We are committed to enhancing employee experience, therefore you will see that content will continue to develop based on feedback received about your experience as a new member of staff at the Trust.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Please ensure that in the 'Week 1 - 2 - Observation Phase' you complete the Meet Your Team form first to enable us to record your induction progress.

Before Day 1 - You Make A Difference

Please complete this section before starting employment.

Why work for Wellspring?

Why work for your Academy?

Your Academy Team

Trust Support Centre Team

Our Academies

Traded Services

Week 1-2 - Observation Phase

During the observation phase you will have the opportunity to observe the culture and systems in your classroom / school / team and complete the essential training and development activities.

Meet your Team

Meet your Buddy


Health & Safety


Behaviour Management

Equality & Diversity


Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation

Data Safe


Wellspring Digital

By End of Week 2 - Reflection Phase

Reflection on induction experience so far but also on what has been observed in the classroom and further training/support/development required.

Induction Experience

Next Steps Meeting

Week 3-8 - Initial Performance Development

During this period you can expect ongoing support from the Buddy and Line Manager.

Individual Professional Development Profile

Performance Management / Probation Meeting

Policies and Procedures

T&D Programmes and Networks