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My Titanic animation by William

The Titanic sank the day before Christmas. Many people died on that day. The boat was made of iron and it hit an iceberg. The workers used cheap metal instead of buying expensive materials. 2,208 people were on the ship and 1503 of them died on that fateful day.

The Titanic went down by its bow. Flares were set off by the captain and people on another ship saw them and went to help. They were taken to New York. There were cars, safes and all sorts on the ship that went down with it. Many of the pieces are still there but divers have collected lots of things.

Some of the safes had lots of money in them. Some of the cars crashed when it went down but some have been preserved under the water. They found money and diamonds in the safe. The captain went down with the boat.

The boat was built brand new in Southampton this was its Maiden voyage.

My Titanic animation by Nathan

The Titanic was made out of wood and metal. It hit an iceberg and it sunk. Some of the people were rescued by the Carpathia and were taken to America.Some people died in the water and some people died in the Titanic.

My Titanic animation by Ethan and River

The Titanic it was a new ship. It hit an iceberg and sunk, The ship went all the way to Southampton. The ship was on its way to America. The captain died on the ship.