It is important that all children who experience difficulties at school be catered for if at all possible. The organisation of the school is such that this can happen through high quality teaching, differentiation and personalisation of the curriculum.

The school is equipped with a toilet suitable for a physically handicapped child confined to a wheelchair.

Children with identified special educational needs may have an individual education plan, agreed by teachers and parents. In some cases it may be felt that the Educational Psychologist, or other outside professional, should be called in to give advice. This may eventually lead, with the agreement of parents, to an Education, Health and Care plan for an individual child.

Children who are gifted or talented in any way are encouraged to stretch themselves further. We take part in events organised with other schools in the city to enhance the opportunities for these children.

Parents are very welcome to discuss any concerns that they have for their child with the staff or the SENCO of the school.