Class Teacher: Mrs Scott

Welcome to Reception at Welbourne Primary!

Throughout the year, Reception embarks on a practical and creative learning journey. The children will learn through life experiences and interactions, whilst we facilitate and impart knowledge. Children will be encouraged to take risks in their safe environment and take part in many learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Children will be continually encouraged to challenge what they already know in order to consolidate and build on their existing knowledge.


Please ensure your child has their bookbag everyday. We will change their book regularly and also listen to your child read individually and in groups at different times during the week

Take a look at the EYFS page for more information on the revised Early Years Curriculum, the objectives, and where we aim for your child to be by the end of Reception.


This will be used for us to communicate and I will sign your child’s book each day.

It is important your child reads, practices their phonics and words every day.

Please comment in your child’s home school book after each time. This will also help us with our assessments.


Reception children enjoy playing outside with the sand, mud and water in our outside area. Its fun but it can get messy so please provide a spare change of clothes including socks!

If you have any questions or queries (however big or small!) please come and see me, or email me.......

I look forward to working with you and your child throughout their first year at Primary School.