WHS Counseling Department

Welcome to Weehawken High School's Office of School Counseling web page. Please use the navigation menu to your left in order to access pertinent information. This website is designed to assist Weehawken High School students, parents, and interested community members in staying up-to-date on the various programs and services provided by the counseling staff at Weehawken High School. Please take a look at our important pages, links, and updates!

Our focus is to assist students in personal growth through the development of educational planning, self-awareness, goal setting, decision making, implementation of career plans and the evaluation of personal and career goals.

School counselors are student advocates who work cooperatively with other individuals and organizations to promote the development of our students. School counselors consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators and families to assist students to be successful academically, vocationally and personally.

WHS Counseling Department Staff

Ms. Wendolowski

Supervisor of Counseling Services K-12

Phone number: 201-422-6130 ext. 2551

Email: jwendolo@weehawken.k12.nj.us

Calendly: calendly.com/jwendolo

Ms. Ventura

School Counselor

Phone number: 201-422-6130 ext. 2570

Email: pventura@weehawken.k12.nj.us

Calendly: calendly.com/pventura-whs

Mrs. Darcy

School Counselor

Phone number: 201-422-6130 ext. 2571

Email: mdarcy@weehawken.k12.nj.us

Calendly: calendly.com/whsdarcy

2020-2021 WHS Schedule:

Period 1- 8:15-8:45am

Period 2- 8:48-9:18am

Period 3- 9:21-9:51am

Period 4- 9:54-10:24am

Period 5a/c- 10:27-10:57am

Period 6- 11:00-11:30am

Period 7- 11:33am-12:03pm

Period 8- 12:06-12:36pm

All Teachers have office hours: 2:00PM-2:55PM Monday-Friday

  • Students in class Periods 1-4 will be able to meet with their teachers for help/ questions etc. on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-2:55 pm

  • Students in class Periods 5-8 will be able to meet with their teachers for help/questions etc. on Tuesdays and Fridays

  • Every Wednesday, teachers will be available for individual or small group instruction from 2:00PM-2:55PM

*Please contact your teachers to set up a time to meet with them*


Cohort R will remain virtual.

Cohort A will come to school Mondays and Tuesdays with alternating Fridays.

Cohort Z will come to school Wednesdays and Thursdays with alternating Fridays.

The first Friday, October 16th, Cohort A will come to school The following week, Friday October 23rd, Cohort Z will come to school. Please click here for a schedule which designates A and Z days for 20-21 school year.

On days that you are not present in school, you must tune in virtually. This is called a hybrid schedule because some days you will participate in the school building while other days you are participating remotely.

Please check out our slide below. Icons are clickable and have valuable links connected to them. For example, by clicking '20-21 Calendar' a PDF of the WTSD calendar will pop up.

WHS School Counseling Office