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School Phone: 201-422-6130



All class assignments, tests, essays and announcements are made through Google Classroom. If you would like to be linked to your student's google classroom please email Mrs. Mantineo with a request.  Please click here for information on Google Classroom for Parents

Extra Help is by appointment only. I need to know you are coming so I know how to help you. Extra help may be conducted in person or remotely. 

Mrs Mantine'o's Assignment Lateness Policy*

Late assignments in all of my classes will get a point deduction.  Late work will not be accepted once the marking period it was assigned in has ended and the assignment will receive a zero.  Work not handed in at all will also receive a zero. 

*All assignments due on Google Classroom are due by the assigned due date unless otherwise noted. All assignments are automatically date and time stamped by Google Classroom.