SparX 2020 Team Picture

in addition to the $80M in scholarships from first

SparX offers many Skill Building Opportunities

Promotion 2020

FIRST Promotional poster slide show adapted for SparX Robotics

Six weeks to understand the challenge, define a winning strategy, specify the subsystem requirements, prototype alternative design concepts, select the design and CAD all the parts, integrate into the robot, write the software, build, test, debug the robot; while meeting the size, weight, cost and schedule requirements (just like real product delivery!)

Mechanical Design- Inventor CAD

Electrical / Pneumatic Design

Software- Java

Fabrication- Mills, Lathe etc. assembly

Strategy- Analytical/Modeling- Excel

Systems Engineering and Integration

Marketing, Promotions, Communications

Field Team- Robot Operation

Scouting- Performance Data to select Alliance Teams


Social Media / Web Site-

Finance/ budgeting /Purchasing

Donorship / Fundraising

Problem Solving & Teamwork

Gracious Professionalism

Rewarding and Serious fun too!

Gracious Professionalism is the way sparx works

Gracious Professionalism: Respect, Responsibility,Trustworthy, Considerate, Fairness, and Leadership: SparX Pillars graphic

SparX is not alone: there are at least 20 teams in this area: