Wisconsin's Online Library

Full-text daily and weekly Wisconsin newspapers from 2005 to 90 days ago, plus newspapers from the 1800s and 1900s. For student and adult researchers.

Encyclopedia articles with images, interactive maps, games, and other learning materials. For middle school students and educators.

ATLAS - Interactive world atlas designed especially for middle school students and educators.

Enciclopedia español para los estudiantes más jóvenes y educadores. Spanish encyclopedia for younger students and educators.

Multimedia educational resource featuring stories of climate change for the middle school student, high school student, and educators.

The search interface for EBSCO's middle & high school resources. For middle & high school students and educators.

Articles covering all aspects of human impact on the world. For college-level and adult researchers. For the general public, middle/high school student, or higher ed student.

Full-text history reference resource for all levels of researchers.

A collection of literary criticism and works. For students and adult researchers.

Collection of magazines, books, and multimedia covering a wide-range of subject areas. For middle and high school students.

Magazines and primary sources suitable for middle school students.

Current news for all branches of the military and government. For student and adult researchers.

Full-text coverage of today's major newspapers, for students and researchers.

Children's fiction recommendation resource with read-alikes, discussion guides, reading lists, and more. For children and pre-teens.

Full-text science reference books, images, and periodicals for student and adult researchers.

The Ways - Multimedia educational resource featuring stories about contemporary Native American Cultures and language.

Current and archival to 1980s U.S. news featuring key national and regional sources including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, and Chicago Tribune as well as over 80 Gannett titles.

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