South Garner High School's Student Services


The South Garner High School student services department will provide equitable academic, career, and social/emotional support services to all students. School counselors will support students in identifying and developing tangible outcomes in order to become contributing citizens in a global society.


South Garner High School Student Service’s mission, collectively with WCPSS and South Garner High School, is to ensure a relevant and engaging education is provided for each student. When students graduate, they will be collaborative, creative, effective communicators, and critical thinkers.

South Garner High School Goal

Students that graduate from South Garner High School should be Enlisted in the Military, Enrolled in a 2 or 4 Year College or University, Employed in a full-time position at a reputable business or organization, or on a path to start their own business via Entrepreneurship.

For Parents

Tips for helping your students be successful:

  • Check PowerSchool often (daily to weekly)

    1. Check attendance.

    2. Ensure they are logging into all of their virtual classes/attending school.

    3. Check Grades

    4. Ensure that they are completing all assignments in a timely fashion

  • Reach out to their teachers for any questions regarding grades/assignments

  • Reach out to counselors for questions/concerns.