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Optional Parent Info Sessions: March 13th & 14th 

Welcome Back - AIG Parent Meeting

Tuesday, September 26th @ 5:30 pm 

Parent Meeting Q&A

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AIG Parent Meeting
6th Grade AIG/TD Intro 23-24.pptx

6th Grade Student Presentation

September 14th & 15th

7th / 8th Grade Leopard Time

September 20th & 21st

7th&8th AIG.webm

The Mills Park Middle School AIG program serves over 1,000 students identified as 

Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted as well as students in our Talent Development Program. 

Each year we seek to identify even more exceptional students through nominations and testing.

At Mills Park, we recognize that giftedness is a unique trait. 

We seek ways to challenge and celebrate each student as an individual.  

FAQ: AIG in middle school