Mills Park MS

AIG Program

The Mills Park Middle School AIG program serves the over 600 students already identified as Academically/Intellectually Gifted. In addition, each year we seek to identify even more exceptional students through nomination and testing.

At Mills Park, we recognize that giftedness is a unique trait. We seek ways to challenge and celebrate each student as an individual.

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Below is the parent presentation from September 8.
Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Walski or Mrs. Barber with any questions.

AIG Parent Presentation 2021

Responses to questions posted during the September 8 meeting:

  • My child was in AIG in elementary school. Are they automatically in AIG at MPMS?

    • Yes, all students identified in elementary school remain identified in middle school. No additional testing is needed.

  • When is the AIG class?

    • In middle school, there is no AIG class. Students are served through their ELA and/or Math class (depending on area of identification).

  • How do we sign up for community programs?

    • We post information about community programs on our 'enrichment' page. Follow links for registration.

  • Are AIG students assessed/evaluated?

    • Students who enter middle school with AIG identification will not take any additional identification tests. AIG students take classroom assessments alongside their regular education peers.

  • Will AIG students receive different assignments daily/weekly?

    • Assignments are differentiated for AIG students as needed. AIG teachers do not assign additional assignments. Any enrichment opportunities offered for students outside of the reading/math classes are optional.

  • With ELA being push in, does it mean that AIG students will be working in small groups on AIG content within the classroom ?

    • At times, yes. The push-in model is one option for delivering AIG services; however, small group AIG work is not a daily practice.