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Online Calculators available in NCTest

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, the NCTest app will have an online calculator available. Physical calculators may still be provided for students, but, please encourage your students to practice with these calculators BEFORE the exam:

NOTE: A lot of students will say they don't have room on their phones to add an app, that's fine. Give them the link(s) below and tell them to add a bookmark or add the calculators to their home screen. Bookmarks (and home screen links) don't take up space on their phones!!

SECOND NOTE: The ONLY way to use the BASIC or SCIENTIFIC calculators below is as a bookmark - the Desmos app is only a graphing calculator.

The Desmos Graphing Calculator App is also free in the iOS and Android app stores.

All the online calculators are free to use and are accessible for vision-impaired and blind students. For more information, visit