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New Students

Please complete the following 2 forms:

  1. Guidance Intake Form - (unless you have already been in contact with a St Louis guidance counsellor)

Please note: Your registration is not complete until you have provided us with a transcript from your last high school, and verified your ID. You can email your documents to: , or fax to 519 745-9269 .

Current and Previous St Louis students

For academic counselling information and guidance questions please complete the Guidance Intake Form

Guidance Contact Information

The Guidance office is closed for spring break, and will reopen on April 19th 8:00am.

For assistance with course selection, academic planning, post-secondary, PLAR credits or general inquiries please complete the:

A guidance counsellor will contact you via email (or phone) within 1-2 business days during our office hours. Note: The Guidance Intake Form is closed on Fridays.

Guidance Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am--3:30 pm, Tuesday 5:00-9:00 pm . Closed Fridays for PLAR and online appointments.

Guidance Fax: 519 745- 9269

Guidance Email for sending documents only :

Transcript Inquiries: , Guidance Dept. Administrative Assistant

Guidance Counsellors

Sherry Wyse - 519 745-1201 ext 237 Ziggy Pasterkiewicz - 519 745-1202 ext235

Patti Walsh - 519 745-1201 ext 213 Brenda Steffler - 519 745-1201 ext 232

Beth Hobson -

** When emailing a guidance counsellor or teacher please include your full legal name. **

St. Louis Guidance Announcements

Announcements for the week of April 12-19

  • If this is your last course, please complete the Intent to Graduate Form

  • If you apply to college or university for programs beginning January 2021- September -2021 be sure to complete the Consent forms found In the post-secondary information tab at the top of this web page.

  • If you need a course changed on your application please complete the Post Secondary Course Update Form.

  • College applications are still open - as long as the program has a green dot you can still apply; University 101 applications are still open but check the deadlines on the OUAC website; University 105 application deadlines are based on each universities timeline - check their websites

  • If you need assistance with your course selection and academic pathway planning please use the Guidance Intake Form.

  • Term 5 Course Selection is open.

  • Summer School Registration is open. See below for more program information.

  • Last day to register for a Correspondence course that needs to be done for post-secondary fall application is April 19th. You can still register after that date but you will not be able to complete the course by the end of June.

Login Information for Online Learning

Use the WCDSB My Apps for logging into everything; it is a single sign on (SSO). Click on the Brightspace by D2L icon in My applications.

Video - for help accessing D2L

Email login: add to the end of your assigned username.

Password: mmddyyyy (your birthdate)

  • If you receive a "change password prompt", you are now supposed to do this (and remember your new password)

  • If you changed your password and have forgotten it, do not attempt to reset it - please contact your teacher.

  • Please always check your email (including junk email) regularly

Credit Program Info and Course Selection Forms

Terms 1-5 Adult Day School -Teacher Directed

In order to accommodate changing covid-19 restrictions, Term 5 courses will be offered online as remote teacher led learning. You must login and participate in the class during the class times. Please check your: email, the St Louis website, and the WCDSB website regularly for updates.

Term 5 Course Selection Form - Registration deadline is May 3rd, 3:30pm

Courses dropped after full disclosure will show on a transcript as a withdrawal mark. Term 4 Full disclosure: April 9th

Term 4 Midterm Mark Request Form - for Post Secondary applicants only

Correspondence Online Self Direct Program

Correspondence courses are all online. You have up to 6 months to complete the course work and exams. You work at your own pace, and teachers are looking for 1-2 lessons submitted per week. There is a $60 fee/course payable through online banking, debit or credit. It takes 3-5 business days to get set up in a course. Online Tutoring is available for all courses. Information will be emailed to you once you are fully registered.

Note: if you drop a grade 11 or 12 course after the midpoint your mark will show up on your transcript. Please consult with a guidance counsellor for pathway planning information and academic changes: Guidance Intake Form

20-21 Correspondence Program Deadlines:

  • If you are applying to college or university for September 2021, you must register for this course by April 19th.

  • Last lessons must be submitted by June 18th, and final exam written by the 24th of June

  • Students registering after April 19th can start a course and it will be rolled over in the fall.

  • Correspondence will close June 24th at 3:00pm for the summer. There will be no marking or tutoring and the D2L shells will not be available over the summer. Courses will resume on September 13th 2021.

Correspondence Payment Options

Payment Information Sheet - through banking app

Manual Payment Sheet


Credits@Work is a program that supports employees balancing school and work. It is an opportunity to earn co-op credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while continuing to work.

If you are interested please complete the Guidance Intake Form. A guidance counsellor will contact you and assist your with the application process.

Summer School

Summer school courses are in the online (eLearning) format. You must login for a minimum of 6 hours a day during the school week. The online credit course runs from July 5th to July 29th. You can only take one course this summer and are expected to be online at least 6 hours a day. You will need your OEN (Ontario Education Number) to register.

Adult Dual Credit Program

ADC is for adult students who do not have an OSSD and would like to earn a college credit while completing their OSSD. You will receive a college credit AND a high school credit upon successful completion of the course. Tuition is covered by Conestoga College.

ADC Winter 2020-21 Online Course Selection - closed

International Languages (IL)- Secondary Credit Program

In order to accommodate changing covid-19 restrictions, IL courses will be offered online at this time. The delivery model could change to blended learning, where students would have the option to attend in school sessions as they complete the work online. Please check your: email, the St Louis website, and the WCDSB website regularly for updates.

International Language Credit Courses are offered at three different locations and times during the week. They are also offered at different levels; please choose your course selection carefully. Read through the course offerings before completing the course selection form.

International Languages Course Selection - Form - Now Closed

School to Work Programs

Registration for all school to work programs requires the completion of a pre-registration form and then an intake/orientation session. See links below for details.